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16 February 2021

Journaling for Deep Sleep

If you want to put your worries to one side before you fall asleep, here's how journaling can help.
Studies have proven this can help you to fall asleep 9 minutes faster.

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05 January 2021

5 Ways To Improve Sleep

We all instinctively know what it feels like after a good or bad night’s sleep, yet we don’t always pay much attention to how or why, or take conscious steps to improve the quality of it. Now more than ever we need to do whatever we can to ensure we optmise our quality of sleep, here are 5 simple steps you can take to a deeper, more restorative night sleep.

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19 December 2020

Self-care at Christmas

Things can often get a bit overwhelming at this time of year, recognising it ahead of time and introducing some self-care rituals can help to keep us grounded and avoid the stresses and anxieties we often feel at this time.

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01 November 2020

Bringing yourself back to the present and peaceful moment

We’re all searching for peace of mind, that place where you can accept your current situation and all of the circumstances and events happening around you.

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19 October 2020

Creating self-care rituals

In this fast paced and uncertain world we're currently living, we’re starting to truly understand the importance of self-care and giving ourselves permission to slow down, reconnect with our inner selves and recharge.

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