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Bringing yourself back to the present and peaceful moment

01 November 2020

We’re all searching for peace of mind, that place where you can accept your current situation and all of the circumstances and events happening around you, and feel a sense of calm and balance. But things such as health, finance, relationships and other outside world events seem to get in the way and pull us away from the peaceful state we’re all searching for.  Yes, we may not be where we want to be right now, but obsessing over this and allowing it to run through our minds on repeat drives us to places we don’t want to go; anger, frustration, sadness, fear.

Through awareness and practice we can reach a point where we can bring ourselves back to an inner state of peace regardless of these external events, and the more we do this the better we get at it.  It’s a skill and like any skill we have to practice it to get better.  And let’s be honest after yesterday’s announcements, now more than ever is the time for us to practice brining ourselves back to stillness and peace.

This inner state of peace I’m talking about isn’t some kind of state only reserved for Buddhist monks, we don’t need to own an orange robe!  We can learn to accept that we can’t control everything that happens to us life, and by trying to do so not only takes up more of our energy but it actually takes us further away from the feelings and state of mind we’re trying to reach.

Instead if we can go inwards and start to become aware of our thoughts, we can ask ourselves how we want to feel right now and then ask ourselves again what we can do to feel those feelings.  It’s here in this inner conversation where we take back control and we get to choose the outcome and how we want to feel in any given situation.  It’s here in this inner conversation we find the answers to inner peace.

By doing this we’re not relying on outside circumstances to control our emotions and feelings but we’re going inwards and giving ourselves the power to choose.  By doing this on a more regular basis we’re making a major shift in our mental and physical wellbeing, reducing stress and anxiety levels which we know can have a knock on impact to all kinds of physical issues from headaches, fatigue, poor digestion, poor sleep, reduced immune functioning.

There are many mindful techniques to help bring us back to that relaxed state of peace, and we each have to figure out what’s right for us, here’s a mindful activity task you can practice today to get started:

Ask yourself what 5 things bring me back to the present moment and bring me peace?

While you’re writing your list you should feel a state of peace and calm coming over you when you think of the activities, that’s when you know you’ve hit on the right ones for you.  Activities that for a period will switch you off from the outside world or any unwanted thoughts, activities that will bring you back to the present moment and give you that peaceful state of mind.

If you’re like me something visual always works, so I tend to write them down and pin it on the fridge where I can see it every day.  A little visual reminder of what I can do when I feel like I’ve been pulled away and need to bring myself back to present moment. And if you need any inspiration here’s my top 3:

  • Dancing
  • Walking in nature
  • Journaling & writing a meditation

You should aim to do one of these at least once a day, along with any other mindful practices. Your list can change from time to time so always worth a check in with yourself and update your list.

Just becoming more aware of your thoughts and making a conscious decision to choose again is a major step forward in becoming more self-aware and over time will lead to a more peaceful state of mind.  Now who doesn’t need that right now!

“There is peace, even in the storm”  Vincent Van Gogh