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Self-care at Christmas

19 December 2020

Things can often get a bit overwhelming at this time of year, there’s always that underlying feeling of dread, a never ending list of things we need to do to prepare for the big day yet never enough time to do it all.  We often don’t give ourselves permission to pause to enjoy the magic of the Christmas spirit until the day itself, yet its sometimes in the run up to the day where we experience all the joys this time of year offers us; kindness, giving, compassion for others, love, joy and hope for the future.

Staying grounded and balanced at this time is crucial to avoid becoming stressed out and mentally fatigued, that’s why its more important than ever to ensure you make time for self-care to restore and recharge yourself.  Make a conscious commitment to build time for you into your schedule, it may be something a little different at this time of year, you may need a relaxing candlelit bath, or a fresh morning beach walk or night walk, or it may be written gratitude practice each day, or it could even be committing to no phone time after 8pm to help improve your quality of sleep.

Whatever you choose will be right for you, just making that commitment says that you’re putting your own needs first and taking care of yourself, leaving you feeling recharged and ready to fully embrace this magical time of year.

What will your Christmas Self-care practice be?