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Our Story

NATURE + NATURE was founded to bring people and nature back together, restoring mind, body & soul.

For over a decade I’ve incorporated a variety of natural healing products into my practice of self-care. I can honestly say it’s been life-changing, supporting my own wellbeing and vitality, and helping to reverse chronic illness.

Understanding nature’s healing abilities and the importance of self-care routines became my passion. I’ve tried and tested many products, supplements and self care practices.  I’ve researched the emotional and health benefits of natural compounds, and over time have removed products with toxic ingredients and replaced them with naturally occurring ones.  This passion developed into a calling to do more and led me to create Nature + Nature – with the aim of bringing the therapeutic powers of nature to as many people as possible.

Following a volunteering trip to Cambodia in 2017, I experienced a different culture and way of life while working in a remote village school. This was a major turning point, and I returned with a new perspective, values and priorities.  I witnesses first hand the benefits just a small amount of funding can make to both an individual child and the wider community.   Every Nature + Nature purchase made will now help towards creating a better future for under privileged children.

Nicola, Founder of NATURE + NATURE


Our Values

We Care - At Nature + Nature we believe in a more natural path to greater wellbeing, we've witnessed first-hand the positive difference it can make to people’s lives and we're passionate about helping you to cultivate an improved sense of wellbeing.

We Handcraft with love - All of our products have been developed to help you find calm, achieve focus, and restore balance to your mind, body and soul. Everything we make is tried and tested by us, and is hand-crafted using the highest quality 100% natural and organic (wherever possible) ingredients.

We're Giving Back - We’re committed to doing this in a sustainable way, in harmony with nature. Protecting our planet through the use of 100% recycled or recyclable materials, and giving back through our Nature + Nurture initiative are at the core of our values.

Nature + Nurture

Through our partnership with United World Schools, we’re donating a percentage of profits into vital education and sanitation programmes, helping to transform the lives of children in developing countries across the globe. So every time you make a purchase you make a difference and strengthen our commitment to nature and nurture, creating a better future for these communities.