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Charity Partnership

Why We’ve Partnered with United World Schools?

During the time I spent in Cambodia volunteering in a village school I witnesses first hand the difference an education could make to a child’s life and future opportunities.  I saw the impact a small amount of charity donations could make in supporting the school with basic materials and upkeep.  From that point I made a commitment to do more to support these rural communities in developing parts of the world.

Nicola, Founder.

By partnering with United World Schools, Nature + Nature are providing children in remote and marginalised communities with access to a primary education who would otherwise have no other opportunity to attend school, helping to break the cycle of poverty, poor health and forced labour. This will give children a better start in life and an opportunity to build a better future for themselves.

Together we can help make a difference and transform our global society.

Why Education?

Education opens opportunities for children and their wider communities. It empowers children, giving individuals access to better jobs and higher incomes. The impact of education is far-reaching and creates an outward ripple effect to the community. It has the power to lift individuals out of poverty, reduce rates of child marriage and reduce infant mortality.

UWS are committed to sending all children to school and are particularly passionate about girls' education. There is still a huge gender gap in education: globally, there are 31 million primary-age girls out of school and UNESCO reports that girls are more likely to never enter primary school than boys. They want to change this.

Who Are United World Schools?

United World Schools (UWS) work in remote and marginalised communities in some of the world's poorest regions to give children access to free education. They partner with local communities and supporters around the world to teach the unreached.

UWS’s model is centred around community and local collaboration. Involving the community throughout the process ensures their continued engagement and the long-term success of each school. UWS only works where the community wants a school and is willing to be actively involved in its development.

Children in rural communities often have to walk far to reach water sources, this water can be unclean and cause illness. When UWS builds a school, they also provide a clean water source for the whole community to use.

Since 2008, United World Schools (UWS) have worked with more than 220 communities across South Asia providing over 35,000 children a life changing education. By 2021, UWS aim to have reached 50,000 children – an ambition we at Nature + Nature are committed to supporting making it happen.

How Can You Help?

Purchase with a purpose via our Nature + Nurture initiative.  Every time you buy one of our products you make a difference, your purchase will support a child through a day’s vital education they otherwise wouldn't have access to.

This supports everything a child needs to learn, including ongoing training and support of teachers, learning resources, and the upkeep of schools.

Great things start small… Our Goal is to raise enough money to one day fund the building of an entire new school